Spring STAR Recipients

Awards are given annually.

We recognize that it takes a community to come together and make a difference.

The STAR Awards recognize outstanding members of our community who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to help break the stigma surrounding addiction and mental health. Whether it be through their work to implement changes within their industry, touching the personal lives of others, or raising awareness of important issues, each and every individual has our gratitude and thanks. While everyone in the room is truly deserving, we will take a few moments to award those who have been nominated by their peers. See the categories below, and submit the form at the end of the page to enter someone you know:

First Responder of the Year:

First responders play a key role in the battle against addiction and mental health on the front lines every day. The first responder of the year will be recognized not only for their work in the line of duty, but also for their personal dedication to the cause.

Family Advocate of the Year:

Addiction and mental health affect the entire family, not just the individual who struggles. Is there a person who has turned the struggle of their family into an opportunity to raise awareness and help change the lives of others? Someone who despite hardship or tragedy has dedicated their time to serving the community?

Education Provider of the Year:

The Education Provider of the year is a person or organization that has incorporated addiction and mental health prevention and solution aspects into their curriculum. A provider that reaches out and gets involved in the recovery community, helping to break the stigma surrounding addiction and mental health, or offers services to those who are in need.

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